Our Tea Edition won Gold Outstanding at major International competition, IWSC

We are incredibly proud to share that we now have over 60 international awards to date, after receiving Gold Outstanding for our Tea Edition, just in time for our Yorkshire Day (Week) celebrations! We also took home Silver for our Lavender and Peppered Pear Edition and Bronze for our Original – It really is fantastic to get such great feedback from industry critics in such a crowded marketplace.

To give you a little background of our Tea Edition, we first it to the range in 2015, after myself and Cathy decided we wanted to create an even drier version of Masons Original gin. To be unique we chose to come at it from a totally new angle.. We took the original recipe in its entirety and just added one simple ingredient – Tea. The inspiration being black tea as it is always dry on the pallet and it works so well with lemon just like gin. One of my favourite cocktails using the Tea Edition is a Tea Negroni. It’s the perfect Yorkshire twist on a classic Negroni (you will find the recipe over on our cocktails page – it really is the perfect cocktail to end a busy week).

Some of our other favourite serves using the Tea Edition is a classic G&T – We use a premium tonic water, plenty of ice and lemon zest! Or a great serve to enjoy a Summers day (not that we get many) is with Fentimans Bitter Lemonade, a twist of lemon and sprig of fresh rosemary from the garden!