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This outlet has been a solid supporter of Masons for a while now and with a second shop recently opening in Settle, we thought it would be a great opportunity for Dani ask Karol-Ann of Buon Vino some questions . . .

How long has your business been established?

Our shop at the Courtyard in Settle has been going for around 6 years now, and we’ve just expanded to open our second shop a bit further down the A65 next to the famous Courtyard Dairy.


Please give a brief history/description of your business

Buon Vino specialises in Natural wines from small, artisan producers. Those are wines that are made with a minimum of human intervention, no chemicals or additives. So it makes sense that our gins match that, which is why we select our range of local, craft gins carefully.

?What makes you unique/why do you think customers choose you?

We were the people to bring Natural Wines to the North of England, and we’re still really the only people doing it up here. We also pride ourselves in friendly service, knowledgeable staff and our unique range of fantastic quality wines, craft beers and spirits.

How long have you stocked Yorkshire Gin?

Masons was the first Yorkshire Gin we stocked and we’ve had that for 3/4 years now. It’s always been very popular.

Which of the Masons range do you stock?

We currently stock the Original, Tea and Lavender editions in both 70cl and 20cl bottles, and we’ve recently added the Peppered Pear – which we loved – in 70cl bottles.

What is your best seller (of Masons range)?

The Peppered Pear has flown out since we started doing it, but people love the idea of a Tea flavoured Gin, it just seems like such a British combination, so that proves very popular as well.

Do you have any tasting dates/gin evening booked in with us?

We haven’t got anything booked in at the moment, but we’ve hosted Gin days at our shop in Settle with Masons before, and so it’s something we’d love to do again – watch this space.

What would be your desert island gin?

Something that goes well with the coconuts that will hopefully be growing on my desert island – there’s a challenge for you Masons!

What is your perfect Masons serve?

I love the Lavender Edition with cloudy lemonade, crushed ice and a sprig of mint in the top. Perfect for a summer BBQ…here’s hoping for the weather.

Do you have any cocktail recipes/quirky serving suggestions?

?The wonderful thing about gin is the ability to experiment and find out what you like, and what flavour combinations work best – but it’s hard to beat a classic Gin Martini in my opinion.


Tel: 01729 824056

If you would like to see what Buon Vino are all about, you can head down to one of their shops at:

Buon Vino

Crow’s Nest Barn, (The Courtyard Dairy)



Buon Vino

The Courtyard


North Yorkshire

BD24 9JY