Dry Yorkshire Gin

Our journey into ginsmithery began with this bold and aromatic blend, created specifically to make the perfect gin & tonic. It perfectly captures the Yorkshire Spirit and our roots.

Style: London Dry

Key Botanicals: Juniper and Orange

Garnish: Garnish perfectly with a twist of orange peel or pink grapefruit and crushed black pepper.

Tasting Notes: Bold and aromatic, with smooth juniper, rich cardamom, fennel, coriander & warm spiced flavours leading to a refreshing orange & juniper finish – a bold yet balanced gin, packed with flavour.

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Tea Gin

From the Masons Gin range comes a familiar flavour. Karl and Kathy worked hard to bring to life the iconic flavours of Yorkshire, and their first stop involved distilling the UK’s favourite brew, Yorkshire Tea. As you sip the Tea Edition Gin, the Yorkshire Dales will flash before your eyes.

Style: London Dry

Key Botanicals: Yorkshire Tea

Garnish: For a perfect glass of Tea Edition Gin, garnish with a twist of lemon peel or fresh mint

Tasting Notes: Refreshingly dry, the sweet citrus, pine and dry juniper flavours balance beautifully with hints of spice and a subtle finish of Yorkshire Tea – a refreshing take on a British classic.

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Lavender Gin

Developed with a hat-tip to one of Karl and Cathy’s favourite herbs, this Lavender Edition gin is an ode to the glorious fields of lavender grown in Yorkshire. Worry not, this mighty gin won’t send you to the land of nod, but instead to smooth and delicate flavours.

Style: London Dry

Key Botanicals: Lavender

Garnish: Garnish perfectly with a twist of lime peel or fresh lavender.

Tasting Notes: Delicately soft juniper and lavender mix with fresh lime and coriander notes for a sweet, subtle flavour and a slightly dry finish.

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Peppered Pear Gin

This sweet and peppery blend is a delightful tipple and a real favourite at Masons HQ. Launched as a Limited Edition, the team simply couldn’t get enough and brought it into their permanent range. Distilled to PEAR-fection.

Style: London Dry

Key Botanicals: Conference Pears & Pink Peppercorns

Garnish: Garnish perfectly with sliced green apple or kiwi fruit

Tasting Notes: On the nose, a sweet, light, but distinctly peppery aroma. When sipped, juniper coats the pallet bringing delicate pine and slight citrus. Pink peppercorns leads into soft fruity pear.

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Steve's Apple Gin

Named after a remarkable distiller known for his apple trees, Steve’s Apple Edition Gin is an ode to his work. They have even named one of their stills after him. This juicy blend will uplift your senses, and you don’t have to be called Steve to enjoy. Although it helps.

Style: London Dry

Key Botanicals: Arlington Pippin Apples

Garnish: Steve’s Apple Edition Gin is served perfectly with sliced pear or if you’re a bit spicy, enjoy with a cinnamon stick.

Tasting Notes: Juniper heavy dry gin with warming spice, soft citrus and a hint of earthiness from coriander seeds. These botanicals linger on the pallet, sweetened Apple intensifies to a crescendo.

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Sloe Distilled Sloe Gin

Light the fire and curl up with this naturally distilled sloe gin. We distil the berries to produce a unique flavour with natural sweetness and a lingering dryness.

Style: London Dry

Key Botanicals: Sloe berries

Garnish: Garnish perfectly with lime zest

Tasting Notes: You’re immediately hit with a complex hedgerow of flavour and aroma, sweet blackberry and subtle spice. Juniper comes forward balancing the sweet, long lasting flavour of slow distilled sloe berries.

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