Lavender Edition

Our Lavender Edition is a firm favourite among gin lovers, a wonderfully unique gin that we’re sure you’ll love!

Dry lavender notes on the nose and a slight fennel aroma create a soft & subtle experience. There’s a soft texture once upon the palate, with a fresh candied lavender sweet flavour and anise creeping in on the dry finish.

The Original

The Original is no ordinary gin. Loved by long term fans and new customers alike, this remains our best-selling product.

Soft juniper, lime and orange rind flavours lead to a peppery finish with a subtle fennel fragrance on the nose, whilst on the palate there’s a ripe & sweet aniseed start, with bold citrus flavours, plenty of cardamom & green apple blending into a warm, mouth-watering finish.

Tea Edition

How could we resist creating a Tea Edition gin – Quirky yet delicious – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Delicate and fresh upon the palate, with a citrus sharpness hitting the senses and fresh aromas that swirl around. Plenty of Yorkshire Tea flavour develops on the palate, as well as fresh aniseed, cardamom & pepper notes before the tea returns for the long finish.